Going the distance to see Cats play

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We all know that Cats fans are some of the most dedicated in the entire country.
If you're one of those die hards, planning to make the almost 900-mile trek to Arlington, there are some things to keep in mind before your hit the road.
Hotels near the stadium are almost completely sold out- that means plan ahead and book early.
Also, stay on the main roads and be mindful of construction on the way to your destination.
AAA has what are called Trip Tiks, which give drivers updated routes and construction zones.
They suggest don't fill your car with too many people this can affect your car's fuel efficiency and can lead to vehicle rolls if there's too much weight.
"We want people to have fun cheering on the Cats," said Christopher Oakford, with AAA. "But, if you're going to drive there it's important to be safe. Make sure your vehicle is safe and make sure you're safe by pulling over if you're tired."
It goes without saying, take your cell phone on the trip.
For more safe-driving tips, go to https://www.aaafoundation.org/

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