Golden Alert for missing couple

CORBIN, Ky. (WKYT) - Sunday afternoon was the last time Bille Lancaster saw her mother and stepfather.

“It’s not knowing if they are hurt somewhere, just not knowing,” said Lancaster on Friday.

Lancaster and her step-sister, Karen Salmons, say their 80 and 77 year old parents have been known to lock their keys in their car or be out of contact for several days but they’ve never disappeared like this before. They were last seen at their home on Black Diamond Rd. just outside Corbin about 4 p.m. Sunday.

“They do have dementia and my stepmother’s taking medication for that,” said daughter Karen Salmons.

The couple lives in Corbin but they are surrounded by a rural area leading to more concern that there are more places where they could have gotten lost or where something could have happened to them.

The Martins do like to drive out in the countryside during the evening..looking for deer and other wildlife.

“We try to let them live independently. We are like a lot of families. We don’t want to accept the fact that they are aging, their minds are not as sharp as they were,” said Salmons.

The Martins are thought to be driving a navy blue Town and Country mini van but neither was thought to have much money on them.

Jeanette Martin is 77 and was last seen wearing a black blouse with red polka dots and black skirt with a flower design. She has a scar on her abdomen. She is 5’4,” weighs 125 lbs, has a thin build, fair complexion, white hair and blue eyes.

Homer Martin is 80 and was last seen wearing a white shirt and khaki shorts. He is 6’02,” 240 lbs, heavy build with fair complexion, white hair and blue eyes.

Anyone with information about their whereabouts should call the Whitley County Sheriff’s Dept. at 606-549-6017 or their local 911 center. The sheriff says information about the couple has been forwarded to all 50 states as part of the Golden Alert program.

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