Good Samaritan saves two people from burning car

LAUREL CO., Ky. (WKYT) - Police say speed, alcohol, and maybe even drugs played a role in the Sunday afternoon crash, but both victims survived the fiery crash. And a passer- by is being credited by police in being at the right the right time.

Dispatcher: "911."
Caller: "Yes, there’s been a bad car wreck….on 472."

He called for help but police say he also jumped in to help two badly hurt victims in the Sunday afternoon, fiery crash.

Dispatcher: "Is anybody hurt?"
Caller: "There’s a male and female."
Dispatcher: "Are they hurt?:"
Caller: "Yeah, the female has a broken foot and the guy’s knocked out in the car."

Police say the pair wrecked after their Ford hit a culvert and flipped. The car burst into flames and the Good Samaritan jumped in…to pull them to safety.

"A lot of people will stop and help in this situation, if you have this type of emergency situation, people want to stop and help," said Gilbert Acciardo with the Laurel County Sheriff's Office.

Police say the driver, Alen Wombles, 30, said a motorcycle pulled out in front of him. But police say alcohol and possibly even meth were factors in the crash.

"He did also find a quantity of meth on both people involved that is being examined. Felony charges forthcoming," said Acciardo.

Regardless of charges, police say it’s good that a Good Samaritan was willing to help.

"Everybody deserves a fair chance. If anybody passes by and they want to help…I think they should help," said Acciardo.

Both victims were taken to UK hospital but police say they will face charges upon their release, depending on the results of lab work..

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