Google to offer ultra-fast internet service in 34 cities

MGN Online

SAN FRANCISCO (AP) - It's called "Google Fiber" - and unlike Google Glass, it isn't something you wear.

The online portal is planning to offer super-fast Internet service - and in the process, plans to take a bold swipe at the nation's existing cable and telecommunications providers.

Google will expand the service to 34 more cities, scattered across eight states. Among the major U.S. cities Google hopes to roll its "Fiber" service out in include Atlanta; Phoenix; Portland, Oregon; San Antonio and parts of the San Francisco Bay Area.

Google will use fiber-optic cables to deliver online data instead of copper lines. That lets Google Fiber customers surf the Internet at a speed of one gigabit per second - which is up to 100 times faster than existing broadband services.

Google Fiber boasts its service can download an entire movie in less than two minutes.

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