Grandmother cited after four year old found wandering alone in parking lot

CORBIN, Ky. -- The four year old boy who was found wandering alone in the parking lot of a McDonald's in Corbin is safe, but police are investigating the circumstances surrounding his abandonment.

A woman was who was supposed to be watching him has been cited for endangering the welfare of a minor. WKYT's Phil Pendleton investigated the story behind the young boy who was left alone for hours.

Joann Lowe is the grandmother of the four year old boy. Despite being cited, she she was not taken to jail. Lowe was the one cited because she has guardianship of the boy.

Investigators told WKYT that Kevin, the four year old who wandered around the McDonald's for hours, is now in the custody of other family members. Social services are regularly checking in.,

Lowe's neighbors in Corbin say that they are surprised this happened at all.

Police say relatives told them this was all about miscommunciation. Apparently Lowe thought someone else had the boy, and those other relatives thought he was with her.

Police say that posting his picture on social media sites helped re-unite him with his family.

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