Grandmother out of hospital, behind bars for double murder

A woman is now behind bars, charged with killing her daughter and granddaughter.

Winchester Police booked 48-year-old Lillie Stanton into the Clark County jail Wednesday afternoon. She was at UK Hospital recovering from self-inflicted gunshot wounds.

Winchester Police say Stanton tried to kill herself after the murders of daughter 23-year-old Korrey Stanton and her granddaughter, 22-month-old Kaydence Miers.

In an arrest citation obtained by WKYT, police say that Stanton confessed to killing her family. The report says she was worried about her granddaughter getting more visitation rights with her father. Stanton also told police that she thought about taking the two victims out of state, but didn't have enough money. The arrest citation says that Stanton told police killing them was the best thing to do.

The report goes on to say that the victims were asleep in their bed, when Stanton took her granddaughter to the basement and cut her throat. She told officers she returned to her daughter's room and cut her throat too, but was not successful in killing her. Stanton says she then suffocated her.

Visitation for the two victims was held Wednesday night at Scobee Funeral Home.

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