Grant helps fund renovations for Kentucky animal shelter

FRANKFORT, Ky. (WKYT) - The Franklin County Humane Society has dealt with overcrowding issues for awhile. They have taken in many animals connected to several animal hoarding investigations since the first of the year.

"I was stunned. Because we really thought it would definitely go to a larger shelter," says Nancy Benton, manager at the Franklin County Humane Society.

PetCo Foundation received three hundred grant applications and chose six shelters to help from across the country. One of those six was the Franklin County Humane Society.

"It's just tremendous for us because it'll allow us to do so much to enhance the experience for our animals,"says Sam Marcus, Board President of Franklin County Humane.

Shelter staff proudly held their $77,000 check at a presentation at PetCo event. The money will be used for building renovations.

"It's been hectic. We have to stick to what we asked for in the grant and what we're going to use it for, which is fine. So now it's just putting together all of the logistics of which room to start first," adds Benton.

Now shelter staff are seeking someone to help with the construction ahead.

Staff say there will soon be a room for adopters to go in with small dogs. They are also working to eliminate cages in a room designed just for cats.

Shelter staff say majority of the renovations will be portable so that they can move them to a new shelter in the future.

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