Family of Garrard County teen killed in crash receiving support

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GARRARD COUNTY, Ky. - A teenager is dead after a single car crash in Garrard County Monday afternoon.

It happened just before three o'clock on Sutton Lane, near Lancaster.

The Garrard County Coroner told us that 18-year-old Sarah Wilson, a senior at Garrard County High School, was a passenger in the car. We are told Wilson died instantly after she was ejected from the car's back window and the vehicle flipped and landed on top of her. Wilson was not wearing a seat belt.

The coroner tells us the accident happened within a small stretch of the road and did not involve any other vehicles.

"The car went off to the right, went back over to the left, hit that embankment, and went up in the air, landing on its top," said Garrard County Coroner Daryl Hodge.

We are told the driver and another passenger in the car were not injured. Their names have not yet been released.

Garrard County sheriff's deputies took the driver to the hospital to have blood work done. However, officials say they do not believe drugs, alcohol, or speed are factors in this crash.

Coroner Hodge says social media beating him to notifying the family has been the toughest part.

"Her younger sister was text messaged about her sister's death before we had a chance to tell her or her family, and that's tragic to me," said Coroner Hodge.

Garrard County High School had more than fifteen grief counselors on hand for students and teachers Tuesday morning. "This is never easy on anyone," explains Garrard County Superintendent, Don Alridge, "we just need to be there for students and staff members today and through the week. This years senior class is only 140 students, so as you can imagine everyone is very close."

Parents of students close to the victim came by the school to make sure their kids were OK. "Samantha and Sarah were the best of friends," explains Rosetta Tuggle, Samantha's mother, "I was heart broken when I found out and Samantha was in pieces. She couldn't stop crying last night or this morning before going to school. Sarah is like a second daughter to me- this is so unreal."

Wilson's family said they were unable to talk about the crash but they did ask their pastor to speak for them.

"It's not just something you read about or hear about on the news, this involved a young lady that we love very much. The family would appreciate all of your prayers," said Pastor Caywood Morris who held back tears as he spoke.

Morris said Wilson's family was receiving an outpouring of support from across the county.

"So many people have gotten together to remember. Facebook, texts, they've come by the house and brought food. One of the teachers even came by the house. That meant a lot to me as a pastor to see the teachers reaching out to this family," Morris said.

Wilson's body has been taken to Frankfort for an autopsy, and the driver's toxicology results are still pending.

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