Grief counselors at school after teen's murder

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As many as 75 kids were in the libary this morning when school started to get help from crisis specialists provided by Fayette County Public Schools.
So far, lexington police haven't made any arrests in the shooting that killed 16-year old Chaz Black.
Two others were injured in the shooting at Man 'O' War Crossing Apartments at Palumbo Drive. Lexington Police have just confirmed the two other shooting victims were juveniles.

Police think the shooter may have had an accomplice.
School leaders are hoping to make everything at school as normal as possible.

Mike Kennedy, of the Fayette County School Crisis Team, says there are social workers, specialists and school counselors helping students at Henry Clay today.

He explained "Our job is to make sure they initiate the grieving process and we have folks here for them through the day if they need it."

Kennedy says counselors may be back at the school tomorrow.

Meanwhile, close friends are memorializing the sophomore they describe as energetic by wearing red and pinning dollar bills or his picture to their shirts.

"His nick name was 'Young Dollar,'" explained Destiny O'Neil, a friend of Black's.

She says nothing will be the same without him.

"He could dance," O'Neil explained. "I loved it when he danced. We were in a dance group together."

"He was like a brother to me," said Asa Mays, another Friend of Black's. "I don't feel like he's dead. I just feel like he's absent from school."

School leaders have not said if the other juveniles shot were students at Henry Clay or any other Fayette County School.

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