Group petitions for action against Lexington officer

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LEXINGTON, Ky. (WKYT) - It wasn't on the Lexington-Fayette Urban County Government council's agenda, but the public sought them out and they brought more than 2,000 signatures calling for action against a Lexington police officer. Earlier in March, Officer Jeff Brangers admitted to shooting and killing his neighbor's lab, Angel, in Scott County.

Since then it's stirred many people to act. To put a number to it, 2,731, according to protester Barry Phillips.

That long list of signatures asks Lexington's leaders to take action against Brangers, even though charges are not filed against him.

"We just don't feel that he's safe for our community," said Angie May.

In the meeting, Councilmember Peggy Henson (11th District) questioned Clay Mason, the Commissioner of Public Safety, "Is the officer still on duty?"

'He is," replied Mason.

"So, there's been no suspension with pay?" continued Henson.

"No," Mason answered.

Those chosen to speak for the protesters called for action.

"We believe the people of Fayette County and Central Kentucky do not stand for this attitude and conduct," stated Jim Brandon.

"I do not trust this officer to protect me, or to represent Lexington," said Karen Devin, "What happened in Scott County is done. It's over. But what happens in Lexington, now, is up to you."

The issue even drew a sharp response from one of the elected leaders.

"This is a request merely only on my behalf. I would prefer that, that officer not be on patrol in the 5th District," said Bill Farmer, Jr. (5th District).

That statement encouraged Phillips, "I thought that spoke volumes to the concern of the citizens."

While no action is being pursued, at this time, the Lexington police say they do expect their internal investigation to be concluded in the next few weeks.

Officer Brangers told WKYT after the incident that he's sorry for what happened, but that this wasn't the first time he's shot dogs coming near his chicken coop and he will continue to do so. Under Kentucky law, he is allowed to shoot any animal if it is pursuing his livestock.

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