Guns & knives bought by Richie Farmer auctioned

FRANKFORT, KY. (WKYT) - More than a dozen guns and knives once owned by Richie Farmer went up for auction in Frankfort on Monday morning. Farmer admitted using state funds to buy the weapons while serving as state Agriculture Commissioner. They were seized after his arrest on government corruption charges. Farmer is currently serving a 27 month sentence at a West Virginia prison. He reported to prison in March. The lines to view the items up for action were longer than normal.

"Today, there are 16 knives and 13 rifles from the Department of Agriculture that are connected to the former Commissioner Farmer, that have drawn a lot of interest. And people are lined up here early to get a look at these items," says Mark Marraccini with the Kentucky Department and Wildlife Resources.

The first rifle up for bid went for $1,300. That's roughly $800 more than they sold for originally. All of the money raised at the auction will be given to the Department of Fish and Wildlife Resources.

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