Handicap parking fines increase in Lexington

LEXINGTON, Ky. (WKYT) - The fine for parking in a handicap spot without proper tags in Lexington went up this week.

City Council voted to increase the fine from $15 to $250. They say the increase was prompted because Lexington had one of the lowest fines in the state.

"These are situations that people alert us to," said Lexington Police Spokesperson Sherelle Roberts. "We're not driving around looking for people in violation of handicap parking spaces for the most part."

WKYT spent a couple of afternoons looking for violators. Mostly, we found people sitting in a handicap spot waiting for someone without handicap tags, or people that have handicap tags but forgot to display them where people can see. Both, police say, are finable actions.

As a reminder, if you have handicap tags, they need to be visible from the front and back of the car. Tags either need to be hanging on the rear-view mirror, on the dashboard, or on the license plate.

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