Harrison County schools one snow day away from losing spring break

HARRISON CO. Ky. (WKYT) - Harrison county schools are only one snow day away from losing Spring Break.

So far, Harrison County Schools have missed 18 days and were let out of school early ahead of Friday's winter storm.

Superintendent Andy Dotson says time off doesn't just affect the days they miss, it also impacts the days they come back.

"If you've not been in class for four, five, six days, you've got to go back and refresh and try to get everything caught back up," says Dotson, "then you miss three more days right after that."

Those snow days have already pushed the last day of school back to June 6th. As of now the students will get a spring break, but even that could change.

Even dismissing an hour early Friday used a precious resource. Dotson says the state allows five emergency hours a year. They've used the other four on delays and Friday was their last one. Anymore delays in the morning or early dismissals will also have to be made up.

"You just prepare and do the best you can and keep your mind and hearts on the children, don't take any chances on anyone getting hurt."

Schools across the state are having similar problems. Wolfe county has already taken away several days of their Spring Break.

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