Harrow improving and getting tougher

LEXINGTON, Ky. (WKYT) - Coach John Calipari says it's not about the score or watching other teams, he's concentrating on his team and it's a process to improve. Over the last three weeks no player has improved more than Ryan Harrow.

Harrow missed four games in the early season with an illness and a personal emergency. Through the month of December Harrow worked his way back and is now showing the play at point guard Calipari needs.

Harrow is scoring, dishing out assists, not turning the ball over much and playing tough defense. Toughness is what Calipari noticed Wednesday against Eastern Michigan. "How bout that, it wasn't even the steals, he played, he competed, he battled, he got punched in the face today."

Calipari said he's pleased and Harrow knows what he has to do. "I didn't play defense when I was in high school, it wasn't about defense, it was about scoring. But now it's a little different, you've got to play defense to stay on the floor and you've got to play defense for coach Cal. It gives us more opportunities to get out on the break."

Calipari says Harrow is now where he thought he'd be at the beginning of the season but he must continue to get better. "No lapses, when we're in our league, we're going to be playing games where we can't afford lapses, especially by our point guard."

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