Hazing at EKU results in three fraternity suspensions

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"If you're going to call somebody a brother in six months you shouldn't be hazing them anyways," says one EKU student.

Three different fraternities all found guilty of hazing by an EKU hazing committee.

"We did a number of interviews with folks in those chapters and anybody else that they believed would have appropriate information. They reached a decision that said they were suspending those three chapters" says Dr. Mike Reagle, the Associate Vice President of Student Affairs.

Lambda Chi Alpha, Phi Delta Theta, and Pi Kappa Alpha have all been suspended.

"They are no longer an invited guest on our campus. They can't do anything on campus, they can't meet up on the campus, they can't have events on the campus...those kinds of things," adds Dr. Reagle.

Despite the suspension, the students in those fraternities are still allowed to live in the dorms.

"The students are still here. The students still do what they're doing in terms of their classes and those kinds of things, but the organization is not recognized," says Reagle.

According to university paperwork obtained by WKYT, Pi Kappa Alpha pledges were told to take numerous shots. The people interview told the hazing committee, that those involved were also dropped off somewhere at an unknown location and told to find their way home.

Paperwork shows that Phi Delta Theta pledges were instructed to, "shotgun a beer and potentially eat a goldfish."

At Lambda Chi Alpha, according to the paperwork, pledges were instructed to dress in costumes and act out various roles, including reporting the weather.

"Its' not really surprising. It happens. It was only a matter of time before they got caught," says EKU student, Caleb Lawson.

Other Greek life members are frustrated with the whole situation,"The Greek community is getting choked out. When you don't have competition, it is hard to become better when you have no competition," says Bradford Marsili,EKU student.

Pi Kappa Alpha is under suspension until January 13, 2014. The fraternity appealed the suspension, but was denied by the university.

Phi Delta Theta received a suspension until August 19, 2013. The fraternity appealed the suspension and was also denied.

Lambda Chi Alpha received a suspension until August 20th, 2012. The fraternity appealed the decision and was approved.

The hazing guideline at EKU clearly states that all appeal decisions are final.

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