Judge considers whether Clark Co. DUI suspect should go back to jail

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CLARK COUNTY, Ky. (WKYT) - She’s charged with wanton murder for a deadly DUI crash and police say a Clark County woman was intoxicated again when she crashed her car a few weeks ago.

Holly Britz was out of jail on bond at the time and investigators now say she had nearly all of the same drugs in her system during the most recent crash as she did during the deadly crash last year.

On Tuesday, Holly Britz was back in the courtroom once more. This time it was for a bond forfeiture hearing.

Last year, investigators say Britz was under the influence of pills when she caused a crash that killed Britta Richmond.

While Britz was out on bond awaiting trial, she was involved in yet another wreck and police say she had similar drugs in her system during that crash as well.

During Tuesday’s hearing, the commonwealth's attorney argued that using controlled substances violated the terms of Britz's $50,000 cash bond that she paid in July of last year but Britz's attorney said no violation of bond occurred.

“Ms. Britz has urgent and significant medical needs that aren’t being provided to her in the Clark County Detention center and for that reason and the fact that she didn’t violate bond means that she should be released in order to pursue those matters.”

The judge worried that if Britz had to pay the entire bond, she would lose her current counsel and the trial would be extended.

To avoid that, the judge ruled that Britz is only required to pay $15,000 out of her $50,000 bond.

The judge is now waiting on medical records to determine if Britz is healthy enough to stay at the Clark County Jail until her trial of if other arrangements need to be made.

The trial will continue on May 12th.

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