Heater repairs up as mercury goes down

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LEXINGTON, Ky. (WKYT) – Extreme cold has heating units and the companies that repair them working overtime.
A local heating and air company estimates their call volume goes up 20-30 percent during cold weather days.
“The heat pump just doesn’t work as well when the temperature goes down,” said Ray Austin, with Stivers HVAC.
Homeowner Mike Daniel knows that all too well.
“The temperature got down to 35 degrees and the one unit started humming when it would go to kick on,” said Daniel.
Stivers HVAC estimates that calls for service go up on cold days by 20-30 percent.
“A lot of people just want their heat checked out, to make sure their heat doesn’t go out on them,” said Austin.
With temperatures in and around Lexington reaching below zero, staying warm is a must- especially for those who have to work out in the cold.
“Just layer up," he said. "I've got my long-johns on, sweater, hat on.“
As for Daniel, he’s found a cozy option to stay warm in the meantime.
“I bought a bunch of firewood and have had the fire going since 4 a.m. just to help keep up.“
If you have a problem with your heat, experts urge you make safe choices when finding alternate heating sources.
Make sure all stoves and fireplaces are adequately vented, do not use charcoal indoors, and do not use gasoline or diesel generators indoors or outside near an open window or vent that could bring in fumes.

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