Heavy rain leads to mudslides and flooded home in Estill County

ESTILL County, Ky (WKYT) - Wednesday afternoon Dark Hollow Road was one of many in Estill County with water still flowing over it. That water was receding but it left messes across the county.

On McKee Road crews had to clear away mud that had covered both lanes. The ditches were overflowing with water and were blocked in many areas with mud and leaves.

A few miles away on Millers Creek Road rocks from a nearby train track were washed onto the road. Crews there had to use a backhoe and dump truck to get the road clear.

One of the biggest backups was at the intersection of Third and Poplar streets in Ravenna. A backup in the drainage there closed the road and sent water pouring into the basement of a house on that corner.

The man who lives there says it's been an ongoing problem for the past couple of years but neither county nor state officials would help make the necessary repairs to the affected drainage pipe. He says the water has flooded his basement.

"Probably got about three foot of water down there. I got some old appliances down there destroyed," James Roberts said.

Wednesday evening Estill County Emergency Management officials said two roads were still closed.

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