Heavy rains flood Clark Co. road stranding a driver

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CLARK COUNTY, Ky. (WKYT) - The rain has been falling all day, and in Clark County on L&E Junction, it became less of a road and more of a problem.

"Yeah, I mean the road just disappeared as I was driving out through here. It was fine one second and all of a sudden the road was just covered with debris and water," described Battalion Chief William Puckett of the Clark County Fire Department.

Sunday night Puckett and his crew got a call of a driver stranded on in the high water.

"Right where she ran off the road was about two feet deep," estimated Puckett, who says by the time help arrived, the driver and the others were already safe after being helped out by a family member. Rescuers say no one was not injured.

The truck was eventually pulled out of the water and they were able to drive home.

"They were lucky. They actually started to try and turn around and couldn't see where the road was at and just kind of run off the road," Puckett added.

Just a little farther down the road stands a house where the fire department says the family left earlier in the day after they found the water inching closer to their home.

"The family I talked to down there, said they weren't sure if the water was in the house at this time but said that they haven't been able to get down there to check on it."

Puckett says this road is prone to trouble because there's a creek that passes the road.

"The best thing is to turn around and stay out of it. It might look calm on the top but it might have a lot of current on the bottom," stated Puckett.

The State Highway Department was called out to close the road off for the night.

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