Heavy winds cause power outages, knock down trees

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LEXINGTON, Ky. (WKYT) - The weather has caused fits for many all day long. In Lexington, there were reports of streets flooded and trees knocked over by the wind and it didn't stop. By Thursday night, the wind had knocked power out to many homes in Lexington, causing a major inconvenience.

"Out of all the nights," scoffed Preston Harris, adding, "what can you do?"

His neighbor Armin Hadzic chimed in, "It's surprising how well you can see at night with no light."

Many homes on Pimlico Parkway, near Man O' War Boulevard, went hours without power. That meant no lights, no TV, and inconveniently no heat on this freezing night. So many of the them said they had their flashlights handy and candles lit.

Still some were finding some humor in the situation.

"Me and my husband were joking about the end of the world tomorrow," laughed Veronika Ulm, who said ten minutes later the power went out. "We'll see what happens tomorrow!"

Ulm said the power outage also prevented them from being able to heat up their dinner, so instead they reached for the chocolates.

"It's not good for the diet," she joked.

Throughout the day, the temperatures kept dropping and the wind speeds kept picking up. In Georgetown, the wind jarred tree limbs loose and in Winchester the wind ripped off the covering to a Dairy Queen sign.

"The wind is picking up some and I'm guessing by the end of the night it's going to be much colder," remarked Hadzic.

Without the power on, Hadzic said his family was able to make time and talk with one another.

Harris said his family went out to eat and came home to light some candles and enjoy themselves for the rest of the night. Still, they're hoping the power returns quickly.

"Hopefully, they'll cut it on fairly soon," he said.

As of 11 p.m., Kentucky Utilities reported just under 7,000 customers were without power, and many were in Jefferson County. Fayette County reported roughly 700 people were in the dark. By 4:30 Friday morning, that number had dropped to around five customers without power.

K.U. said the majority of the outages are weather related and for as long as the wind kept up, the problems would likely continue.

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