Hidden camera found in Lexington hospital locker room

LEXINGTON, Ky (WKYT) - An employee at St. Joseph East made a surprising discovery Tuesday morning. Someone had set up a smart-phone camera to record video in a locker room on the first floor.

"It was placed in such a way that someone who was coming into the locker room would not discover it, would not see it, but it had a pretty good view of the locker room and people who would be coming in and out of it," said Lexington Police spokesperson Sherelle Roberts.

On January 29 police were called out for an incident very similar to this one. In both cases police took the electronics and hope to trace them back to their owner.

"Because it does have other functions other than recording video we'll use some of those other functions to work backwards to trace it's origins," Roberts said.

And until those origins are known, employees at the hospital will be on alert.

"Of course there is that concern with somebody recording video in that room that there may be people in situations where they were undressed and of course that's a serious concern for them because those are private things, not things you want to be recorded," Roberts said.

Police aren't sure how long this latest camera had been in place. They say that's something they hope to discover as they work through the evidence.
Saint Joseph East officials said all other locker rooms in the building were searched but nothing was found.

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