High-profile murder trial continues in Madison County

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RICHMOND, Ky. (WKYT) - The prosecution spent much of Wednesday playing audio recordings from Kentucky State Police. These were recordings from two separate occasions. Police say they picked up on red flags in these conversations

This afternoon, the prosecution played an audio recording of the first interview Kentucky State Police did with Christina Marcum on the day Jason Singleton was arrested. In that recording, Marcum said she had spoken with Jason Singleton the day before. The detective said he knew Jason Singleton had confided in Marcum about how Angela Singleton died and wanted to know what she knew. When pressed to tell the detectives how Singleton died, Marcum recorded reply was, "Strangulation,"

As the recording continued, they said they want to know whether she knew that because she witnessed it or because Jason Singleton told her.

"Did you see him do it?" detectives asked.
"No," was the reply.
"He told you?" the detective pressed.
"Yeah," she replied.

The detective said Marcum knew more than she was telling and that she wanted to talk to an attorney. When she came in to submit a DNA sample a few days later and had retained an attorney, the detective said she opened up.

"I can sit here and not say anything it makes me look bad. I can sit here and I can say whatever I want to say to you and it's still going to make me look bad. No matter what I say you all have an agenda to put me with this complicity to murder charge which is not what happened and you all don't want to hear the truth," Marcum said in the recording.

In that conversation, Marcum insisted she was trying to help.

"I'm saying I was in the wrong place at the wrong time. At the absolute worst place at the wrong time. I did what I could do to stop it from happening and there was nothing I could do," she said.

The defense hasn't responded to the audio recording in court yet. In his opening statement, the defense attorney said there was no evidence tying Marcum to the crime and that the motive prosecutors have suggested is ridiculous.

The trial is in recess until Friday at 9:00 AM.

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