High school unveils school shooting response

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FRANKFORT, Ky. (WKYT) - Franklin County Sheriff Pat Melton says it's something that could save precious seconds or maybe even minutes in the event that someone went through those doors with a gun, ready to kill students. Monday, the sheriff's office unveiled their active shooter response plan to officials from across the state.

They hope it's something they never have to use, but deputies at the Franklin County Sheriff's Office say their new school shooting response plan is ready.

"If it's an active shooter, seconds are precious because it's going to save a lot of lives," said Melton.

Along with a dedicated active shooter alarm, technicians have tied Western Hills High School's surveillance cameras and public address system to the city's dispatch center. Deputies said if a shooting ever happens, dispatchers will immediately have eyes inside the school and can talk first responders through the hallways to the shooter over the schools loudspeakers.

"Suspect now making his way down hallway two heading toward four," called out a dispatcher over the PA system.

Other law enforcement agencies drove hours to see this plan in action.

"This system, the way it's working and the way I see it. Like I said, it's cutting edge. We've never seen anything like that before," said Deputy Tom Whitford.

Deputy Montey Chappell developed the plan, including a letter and number system for navigating the school's hallways. It's something Sheriff Melton says can be adapted to any building.

"I think we have planted seeds. They're going to ride back however long that ride is and think about what they're already doing. Ultimately, their children's going to be safer, too," said Melton.

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