Flooded Rockcastle County road back open

ROCKCASTLE COUNTY, Ky. (WKYT) - BRODHEAD, Ky. (WKYT) - Wednesday began with a headache for many, that many in this Rockcastle County community were all to familiar with back in November.

“When the first bridge went out, we had to go plum to Mt. Vernon and back around to get to the post office,” said Benny Woodall who lives on the eastern side of Brodhead, east of the Ky. 1505 bridge closed in November that resulted in a lengthy detour.

The bridge was closed because it was ruled structurally deficient and not safe. But it was part of the main pathway into downtown Brodhead for hundreds if not thousands of drivers.

Wednesday morning…that long detour became reality again…thanks to lots and lots of rainfall.

“But we were anticipating it. Whenever we built the diversion. This was the best solution our engineers could come up with at the time,” said Amber Hale with the Ky. Transportation Cabinet.

Just in the couple of hours WKYT was there, the situation improved. There was not nearly the amount of water on Ky. 1505 that was on there in the early part of the day.

In fact the road re-opened just as school was letting out Wednesday afternoon, meaning buses wouldn’t have to take the 13 to 20 mile detour many made Wednesday morning.

“Just the amount and size of the creek, we anticipated it with the amount of rain, it would wash,” said Hale.

Kentucky Transportation officials say a new bridge will be finished by mid-summer.

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