High winds threaten to topple trees & branches

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LEXINGTON, Ky. (WKYT) - The winter weather is gone, but behind it are reminders of the ice storm.

"There's a lot of limbs broken and that type of thing," described Todd Vander Plaats. "About a week-and-a-half ago my wife called me and she texted me some pictures, and said, 'You've got some more tree branches down in the backyard.'"

While it may be nice to see the ice melting, the weight of it is bringing down a lot of limbs along the way.

"The damage was pretty well spread out," said Stanley Stinnett, Vice President of Lexington Tree Service, Inc.

The damage has his crews, "Pretty well swamped." He continued to say, "Basically running six-days-a-week just trying to get caught up, and trying to get everybody taken care of and out of harm's way."

"Harm's way," may just be start as high winds are expected over the next few days with speeds around 40 miles-per-hour and reaching up to 60 miles-per-hour.

"If you see a few branches that are loose and just lying up there or kind of hanging down, if you can, grab those so they won't become flying or won't land on power lines or on a vehicle," said Pat Dugger, Lexington-Fayette County Emergency Management Director.

On top of the threat of falling limbs in the high winds, is the threat that the ground is thawing and whole trees are at risk of coming down.

"We've seen two or three that have happened just over the weekend, where the ground has started thawing," answered Stinnett, who continued to say the ground is so saturated that the weight of the tree is enough to make it shift in the soil.

A scary sounding scenario, but one that can be stopped with just a few cuts.

"With what we had down and all of the broken branches, and so forth, it could've been a whole lot worse," expressed Vander Plaat after hearing of the coming winds.

The Lexington Tree Service says an easy sign of your tree shifting is to look for new bumps forming around the base of your tree.

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