Hit-and-run sends car skidding into teen

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MOUNT VERNON, Ky. (WKYT) - Traffic stays pretty busy along U.S. 150 in Mount Vernon, and with the speed running from 35 mph to 45 and around a bend some people say this road is dangerous.

"We do have some traffic accidents, here," described Mount Vernon Police Chief Kevin Fletcher.

Today, however, yet another accident happened, only this one took a scary turn.

"This was still alarming for us, even though it was kind of freakish," the Chief chimed in.

"I saw an old, black car swerve off the road, and a lot of dust fly, then the guy that was driving the car bailed out in a hurry and ran around the car," recalled Robert Payne, who witnessed the aftermath.

When Payne pulled up closer he saw an older car had hit a teenager and knocked him to the ground.

Davidson Bishop, the victim, said he and his sister were walking home from school when the car came skidding his way while standing several feet off the busy roadway.

"All of a sudden I heard screeching and I looked over and (my sister) Harley jumped out of the way. I took two steps and wasn't fast enough to get out of the way but wasn't fast enough to get out of the way," said Bishop.

Police say the car that hit the sophomore was clipped by another car, first. That car, they say, was trying to turn onto Williams Road, but then fled after the crash.

Investigators say they don't know much about the driver that took off, except what they were able to learn from a very valuable piece off the suspect's car: a section of his bumper.

The police say the small, blue bumper piece was found wedged in the bumper of the car it side swiped. On the backside, was a barcode that linked to a 2003 Chrysler. Police have asked the Kentucky State Police to run a search for any drivers registered in Rockcastle County with a matching vehicle description. So far the suspect remains at large.

"It's pretty sad that you can hit somebody and cause them to hurt a kid, and just take off and go on," stated Payne.

As for Bishop, says he's doing okay but he does have a bruised knee, a noticeable limp, and a knee brace.

"It's going to feel worse in the morning," the teen figured, adding that he won't be taking his chances near the busy road again, "I reckon you shouldn't walk home no more. I sure won't be."

This accident comes after another teenager was injured in a hit-and-run crash last month. In September, WKYT reported that 17-year-old Jared Johnson was badly injured while walking near his home. At last check, police still have not found the driver responsible.

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