Hold on tight for the wild weather ride

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It will be another awesome day across Kentucky. Many areas will likely see highs jump up the thermometer into the low 70s. Today will be one of those sweet treats that we experience during the month of March.

You have probably heard this before and if you have read my posts I know you have... March = Rollercoaster! That is never more evident than this week. With highs around 70 on Tuesday and afternoon readings in the mid 30s on Wednesday. Those temps aren't even the scariest part! Thursday morning will feature temps in the low and mid teens with wind chill readings likely below 0.

The frontal boundary bringing these changes will also bring rain and even a few storms. Once the cold air catches up to the moisture we'll see any rain make a transition over to snow. While high accumulation totals aren't likely, we could see some very light stuff stick on colder surfaces.

Enjoy today... because tomorrow isn't quite as nice.

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