Holiday packages stolen from Lexington doorsteps

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LEXINGTON, Ky. (WKYT) - For many people, it's a convenient way to shop. But thieves could be trying to take away holiday cheer from people having Christmas gifts delivered to their homes.

Police warn be careful how you have those gifts delivered because they could end up stolen.

In the past week, two packages were stolen from doorsteps on Della Drive in Lexington. Police say it's a crime of opportunity that they want to alert you of early this holiday season.

In Lexington, FedEx stays busy this time of year.

"150 to 200 stops a day," said Jeff Van Hook, with FedEx.

When a package is stolen, it affects several different people.

"It's more work on the customer. It's more work on FedEx. Just it's really a shame," said Van Hook.

WKYT Crime Tracker Officer Don Evans, a retired Lexington police detective, says thefts like this one have been happening for years. But with an increase in online shopping, there are also more thefts.

"If you leave it out on your doorstep, you're just playing roulette. there's a chance that someone will just steal it," said Officer Don Evans, a retired detective in Lexington.

Evans tells us the fact of the matter is thieves could be watching delivery trucks. Therefore, watching what shows up on your doorstep.

"There are also people that drive by and see a package and say, 'I'm gonna steal that.' It's hard to get into the mind of someone because if you're not a thief, then it's hard to think like one," said Evans. "But you still have to be aware that they're out there."

So how do you protect yourself and your holiday purchases from thieves? Evans says watch where you have things delivered.

"Send it to your work or make sure that you send it somewhere that someone's going to sign for it and take possession of it," said Evans. "There's steps that you need to take in order to have a happy purchase."

The two cases on Della Drive in the past week put Mary Rose, 45, behind bars. Police say she was arrested for unrelated charges and then later charged with two counts of possession of stolen mail matter when they found stolen packages in her vehicle.

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