Home burglaries in three Ky. counties may be connected

MONTGOMERY COUNTY, Ky. (WKYT) - Daytime burglaries have become a common call for law enforcement in three Kentucky counties.

Earlier this week, police in Powell County said they were working several of the crimes, but WKYT has learned that they are happening in Montgomery and Bath counties as well.

"Perpetrators basically are coming to the residence, sometimes in the middle of the day, making sure no one is in the residence, (and) kicking in the doors," KSP Trooper Joe Veeneman said.

State Police are investigating four break-ins in Bath County. They say the thieves are focusing on the Kendall Springs and Peeled Oak Road areas.

"Once they get inside, it appears they're mainly looking for jewelry and loose coins, and so forth," said Trooper Veeneman.

Trooper Veeneman says the Bath County Sheriff's Department is investigating five other break-ins in the county. He's also been in contact with the Montgomery County Sheriff's Department about their burglaries.

"Probably a strong possibility they are connected, just because of the m.o. that's being used. Even though it's stretched out over three counties, they are three counties that actually connect together."

He says the stolen gold could be sold to local pawn shops. They've been checking with them as part of the investigation. But, Veeneman thinks the biggest break in this case will likely come from a witness.

"If they see something that seems out of place, such as a vehicle they don't recognize in someone's driveway, try not to approach them, but contact us."

State Police don't have any suspect details, but police in Powell County say a red Chevy Cavalier was seen near some of their break-ins.

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