Accused home invader arrested in Morgan County

MORGAN COUNTY, Ky. (WKYT) - A peeping tom was arrested in Morgan County after a 14-year-old girl threw hot soup at him to defend herself.

Gerald Slough, 37, of Monroe, Ohio, was arrested Friday on charges of second degree burglary, two counts of criminal trespassing, and indecent exposure. The charges stem from a January home invasion complaint and reports of a peeping tom in the Malone area of Morgan County.

Deputies at the Morgan County Sheriff's Office tell WKYT a 14-year-old living at the home in Malone fended off the peeping tom.

"She was in the kitchen and finally the door just bang, he come in. And when he kicked the door, he came in, the girl grabbed the pot of Ramen noodles and threw it on him. He turns around and takes off," explains Chief Deputy Anthony Gullett.

Later that day, Chief Deputy Gullett says, two people driving down Highway 191 spotted him. They told deputies the man was looking through a woman's front windows and touching himself inappropriately. He got away, but accidentally left his cell phone for deputies to find. Chief Deputy Gullett says he found pornographic images of women on the phone. He also found images of women in Morgan County.

"If he was in the grocery store and he was walking behind say you and you was going through picking up cans of soup or whatever he was sitting there just taking shots of you," says Gullett. "This one particular person was a pregnant lady that was doing laundry. I couldn't tell if he was actually on the outside of the window, but you can hear him breathing."

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