Home lights up neighborhood for a great cause

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LEXINGTON, Ky. (WKYT) - If you think the Griswolds were over the top with Christmas lights, then wait until you see this house in Lexington.

The Coyle family says they have decorated their home on Amberley Drive with 55,000 Christmas lights.

They do it bigger and better every year, and this Christmas they've added a great cause to the mix.

"Well, we've been doing it and adding more and more every year for the last five or six years," said Mark Coyle, the homeowner.

Kids in the neighborhood, all over Lexington, and even Winchester make the visit to this house every Christmas season.

"For Santa to be right here almost in our front yard is huge. They think it's a really big deal every year. We look forward to it every year," said Allan Watts, who lives across the street with his wife and four small children.

Thousands of lights, a chance to see Santa, and Toys for Tots, and it was all made possible by Santa, Mark Coyle, and his two helpers, his two sons, who put up the lights over a span of two weeks.

"We added the garage, and we also cut down like a 40-foot tree, so we had a lot of space to make up with that and so we made a 20-foot tree. We added I'd say about 10,000 lights," said Matt Coyle, who lives in the home.

That's a grand total of more than 50,000 lights.

But they didn't stop there and even put some up across the street for their neighbors.

"They did a great job and did it in a fifth of the time it would have taken me for sure," said Watts.

It's all free and this Santa Claus is more than happy to do it to see their smiling faces and help others in the process.

"For them to bring stuff to give to other kids, it's really rewarding for them as well as us," said Mark Coyle.

They will be collecting toys throughout the holiday season for Toys for Tots until 11 p.m. on week nights and until midnight on the weekends.

Any and everyone can go by and visit the home and Santa on Amberley Drive in Lexington.

Unfortunately, on rainy days they will not be in service.

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