Home ransacked while mother is in rehab

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KNOX COUNTY, Ky. (WKYT) - Tall weeds surround a home tucked away on the country roads of Knox County, but burglars found it and cleaned it out.

"It's just totally destroyed," described Betty Williams, and by destroyed she means ransacked as the thieves appear to have stolen every inch of wiring.

"They ripped every room out in some form or other. They went to the walls, the ceiling, and even if it was just a small portion in the ceiling they got every room."

Williams is currently keeping her five grandchildren while their mother is going through rehab. On Thanksgiving day, Williams' daughter was home on a day pass, so she and her family made a quick trip to see the home they hope to reclaim.

"My husband brought them back. The little girl was almost in fits crying," recalled Williams.

"It's really hard," said Williams' granddaughter, Ericka Elliott, while holding back tears looking at her old home.

It's been more than two years since the children last lived in this house, but for them it's still home and seeing it in this kind of damage was devastating.

"I was really angry, heartbroken, it was home. It was everything we had there," said Elliott.

Elliott said everything they owned is gone.

"If you can find it, you're lucky but mainly nothing," she added, "The kids had some toys and their beds, dressers, and clothes, and trunks full of baby stuff that we had from when we were younger. A lot of important stuff."

"This was the only home they had to come back home to," sympathized Williams.

Williams said the children's mother is set to be released from rehab in March, but she's not sure what the family will do to recover from the damage. They're not sure when the theft and destruction happened, but Williams said she believes it was sometime between mid-August and Thanksgiving day.

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