Burglars target disabled woman's home when she visits hospital

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MOREHEAD Ky., (WKYT) - A lock seals the front door of an East Main Street home in Morehead from prying hands, the back door and windows are nailed shut, motion activated lights guard the front door and a surveillance system records every move inside the house.

Mary Black says she's practically barricaded her home to make it burglar-proof.

"Do you feel like you can relax in your home and take it easy?” asked WKYT’s Mark Barber. “No, I feel like I have to watch everyone come in and out of here. I feel like I have to patrol like a cop,” said Black.

She says she lives in a constant state of worry because she's come home several times to find her place ransacked and her belongings stolen.

"They’ve taken everything from medication to personal items to household items. It's something a coward would do," she said.

She thinks the burglars starting stealing from her in August when she began going to the doctor every week.

She says she's afraid to leave home but can't miss her appointments because she's being treated for several painful medical conditions.

"When you have to call the landlord to come and babysit your house in order to go to the doctor, you feel like you're a burden to the people who are trying to help you," said Black.

Police say they're investigating the burglaries but they don't have any suspects yet. They also say they have started watching her home closely.

"I just think that something should be done about it," said Black through tears.

Black says if police catch the burglars she will prosecute to the fullest extent of the law.

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