Homecoming held for child injured on hayride

After weeks in the hospital 8-year-old Jalen Smith finally came home Friday night, and dozens of his friends and family wanted him to know how much they had missed him.

"I don't think they have a full grasp of how much support there is having been in the hospital all this time," said Brooke Stone who organized the homecoming.

Jalen and his parents got an idea of that support when his trip home from the hospital was turned into an impromptu celebration. Over fifty people came out at turning a parking lot into a playground as the sounds of his classmates and siblings filled the air.

"You can tell he's well loved, well loved," said Jalen's grandmother Nancy Smith.

Jalen has been in the hospital since September 16th when his leg was badly injured after being pinned between a fence and a wagon during a hayride

Stone found out he was being discharged about and began planning his homecoming on the fly, making it so the injured child wouldn't even have to get out of the car to see all of his supporters.

"He's pretty exhausted and emotional so I told them 'You don't even have to stop and get out, we just want to show you we love you,'" Stone said.

A fundraiser to help with Jalen's medical bills is planned for Sunday October 8th. There is more information on the Facebook page set up for Jalen.

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