Homecomings just in time for Christmas

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The stress of the holidays doesn't seem to matter to the people waiting at the baggage claim inside the Blue Grass Airport. They're waiting for the greatest gift of all.

"We're picking up our daughter, Carolyn, who is just arriving from a visit from the Peace Corps. She's arriving from Peru, “says Becky Booth.

Booth and the rest of her family have not seen Carolyn for a year. It has been a long 365 days for Carolyn's Peruvian pup, Botos Blancas, or White Boots.

"It's going to be interesting. I'm wondering if he is going to remember her, one. I'm pretty sure he will. And if he does, he's going to go crazy," adds Booth.

A Marine Mom is also anxiously waiting for her son who hasn't been home for eight months, "He just got off of a ship in Okinawa, Japan. So, he's home for holidays," says Jeanne Slavey.

The anticipation finally comes to an end and these families can now wrap their arms around their loved ones.

It's safe to say, Botos Blancas knew exactly who Carolyn was.

"It feels great. I really didn't think he would after all this time. He does. Now I just got to see if he remembers all those things I taught him, “says Carolyn Booth.

They traveled far, but making it home for Christmas was worth the journey.

"Amazing. It feels great. I miss it so glad to be back. Back home and spend Christmas with my family," says Marine radio operator, Parker Slavey.

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