Homeless out in the cold need your help

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LEXINGTON, Ky. (WKYT) - Two weeks ago we experienced the same type of frigid weather. Ginny Ramsey, the co-director of the Catholic Action Center and Community Inn, says that was hard enough on the homeless community of Lexington. Now here we are dealing with the same thing.

Ramsey's main concern along with many others is the people who need shelter and them not knowing what there is to offer.

"Go to the Hope Center, the Salvation Army, come to the Catholic Action Center 24/7, and come to the Community Inn at night," said Ramsey. "We're here for you. We want to keep you warm."

Those shelters being available throughout Lexington proves no one should have to be out in this weather. Exposure can be deadly no matter how many layers and blankets you have, especially when it's negative degrees. She says they experienced the harsh reality of how dangerous this weather is over the weekend. That's when Ramsey says one of their own died on the streets because of exposure.

"When you're on the streets, every degree is another step closer to death," said Ramsey. "He didn't expect to die. He thought that he could be out in the elements and with the sleeping bag and blankets that he had, but we've got to understand that we're not used to this weather, and they really can't survive when it gets what it is now."

The Catholic Action Center was open all day again Wednesday, and it will be for as long as these frigid temperatures stick around. Community Inn in Lexington has sheltered 90,000 homeless people since it opened its doors in April 2011.

More than 7,000 blankets were passed out to the homeless last week, but the bitter cold calls for more. You can drop those donations off at the Catholic Action Center in Lexington.

Lexington city leaders say 24 hour emergency shelters are open at the Hope Center on West Loudon, the Salvation Army on West Main, the Catholic Action Center on East Fifth, and the MASH Drop Inn Center on West Third.

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