Homeowner clings to memories after fire

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LEXINGTON, Ky. (WKYT) - It's the day after a Saturday night fire gutted the inside of this home on Sherman Avenue.

"It ain't nothing in there but black walls," described Rachel Mobley, who owns the damaged rental home. "there was a fireplace in there, and a bookshelf, and it will never look like it did."

Though not much is left, Mobley's memories are still there.

"There's been a lot of good conversations that have gone on that porch," she pointed to the porch covered in a fine layer of ash.

Mobley says the home has been in her family for generations and for the past few decades the house has served as a rental home. While she hasn't lived there in a long time, the loss of the home is tough to take.

"It's just one of them things we have to go through is all," said Mobley.

She couldn't handle looking at the smoldering home Saturday night, and even in the daylight on Sunday she said it is still hard to look at what's left behind.

"They (Mobley's family) went back in it today, but I couldn't do it because I don't want to cry."

The last tenants lived in the home for four years, and moved out Tuesday, just days before the fire sparked. Investigators say it appears the fire started in the front room and it appeared suspicious to them.

"I can't imagine why anybody would do something that mean," said Mobley.

Sunday morning investigators found their suspects: Gregory Cruz and Darrell Blankenship.

"I don't even know them," said the homeowner, who is unsure if she'll ever rent the home out again.

"It'll be over in a year or two and we won't think no more about it. One good thing is they're going to be able to not tear it down completely. It means a lot. At least the outside, you know, will be like it was."

Like it was when her mother lived in it, and like it was for all of those special talks on the front porch.

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