Homeowners clean up storm damage in Clark Co.

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CLARK COUNTY, Ky. (WKYT) - Thursday night's storm knocked over many trees and power lines, leaving a mess for homeowners to clean up Friday morning.

Many people woke up to find trees and power lines blocking their driveways or even lying on their homes. In some cases, people weren't able to get to work because it was too dangerous to even walk outside.

Along U.S. 60 in Winchester, many yards were full of branches, leaves and other debris. Some people have a few hours of clean-up ahead of them, while others have a bit longer.

Clark county emergency officials say about 30 roads were impacted by storm damage, but no injuries were reported. For those who will be cleaning up this weekend, officials say to use caution.

"If there's any downed power lines, any downs lines at all, stay away from them. You don't always know what the lines are as citizens. So report it to the utility company and let them come out and inspect it. Plus, if you're working around trees with chainsaws use basic safety precautions. Everybody doesn't operate chainsaws everyday and they can be very dangerous," says Gary Epperson, Clark County Emergency Management Director.

Mt. Sterling Road was closed for most of the day because of storm damage.

Clark County emergency officials say during the storm they saw about a third of an inch of rain and between 50 and 60 mile per hour wind gusts.

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