Horses need home after being rescued

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LEXINGTON, Ky. (WKYT) – Five horses are looking for new homes after they were rescued from neglect.
They're part of a larger group of 15 that were found in Fayette County back in June.
The ones who still need a loving home are just now back on their feet and ready for adoption.
In the one month horse Glory has been on foster Beth Blood's farm, she's had to undergo a lot of grooming.
"Get her feet trimmed and I had to cut part of her tail off, so the matting wouldn't be pulling on her tail anymore," said Blood.
Glory is one of 15 horses rescued, the victims of abandonment.
"We're not quite sure how long they've been neglected,” said Madison Carey, with the Lexington Humane Society. “But, this investigation has been going on for years and the horses have been left in a field to fend for themselves, so they don't have the socialization they need."
Fosters like Blood are a lifeline for the humane society because it relies on them to get the horses back on their feet, in some cases, literally.
"These horses need a second chance when they come from a starvation or neglect case, they haven't been handled, they haven't been taken care of, they're afraid of people."
10 have been placed and five more horses are in need of a loving home.
Beth, thinks Glory is ready, given the progress she's made in just one month.
"Now, she'll come to me when it's feeding time, she'll walk right into her stall, I'll open the door and she'll walk right in."
In order to adopt the horses, the Humane Society wants to make sure the potential owners have plenty of space for the horses and also the right skills to train them.
If you're interested in adopting, contact the Lexington Humane Society at (859)233-0044.

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