Horses killed in barn fire near Keeneland

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LEXINGTON, Ky. (WKYT) - A tragedy hit Horse Country, Friday morning, when a barn fire left several thoroughbreds dead.

The fire started around 1:00 a.m. Friday on Rice Road, behind Keeneland. Airport employees inside a tower at the nearby Blue Grass Airport were the first to report it to the fire department.

Horse trainer Gerry Carwood said he was able to get two horses out of a smaller barn, but the heat and smoke were too much for him to get into the larger barn, which was destroyed by the time firefighters arrived. Eight horses were killed in that barn.

"I ran down to the barn and I could hear everybody kicking and screaming, but it was too hot," says Gerry Carwood, who trained the horses killed in the fire. "I couldn't go in. I tried to go in but I couldn't. The outside barn was on fire and I managed to get those two horses out. I pulled one out of the barn that was on fire. I brought him around to the other horse, opened up his stall and he ran out behind him."

A worker at a nearby barn on Rice Road saw the flames light up the sky and immediately called for help.

"I just see this big wall of fire, I mean, sparks flying really high and smoke billowing," says Anna Hall, who works at a nearby farm. "It's just very tragic and I would never wish that upon anyone."

Battalion Chief Mark Harvey with the Lexington Fire Department said multiple parts of the area were on fire by the time they arrived.

"We had trees on fire, the outbuilding," said Harvey. "We had horses that were being moved and we were able to get that out, actually pretty quickly."

One firefighter injured his shoulder while working on putting out the fire, but he was treated at the hospital and released.

Investigators spent hours Friday morning combing through debris and looking for answers as to how the fire started. So far, fire investigators have not determined a cause of the fire.

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