Hospital to re-evaluate security after nurse impersonation arrest

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"I mean, I didn't know what was going on, I was very scared," says Samantha Key from the Rockcastle County Detention Center.

Samantha Key, 40, still believes she is a nurse employed by Rockcastle Regional even after Mt. Vernon Police arrested her for impersonating one.

"She is not an employee and she is not a nurse," says Arielle Estes, Community Relations Director at Rockcastle Regional Hospital.

WKYT checked with the Kentucky Board of Nurses, where officials confirm no one under the name of Samantha Key has ever been a registered nurse in the state.

"I'm innocent. You know until proven wrong. I think I was really set up," adds Key.

Hospital staff admit that Key has been inside the hospital on multiple occasions.

"She had many different stories for what she was doing here," says Estes.

Initially hospital staff say Key claimed to be visiting a loved one, who was a patient there.

"At times, she would also have on normal street clothes. She also presented herself as a health care provider from another facility," Estes adds.

But on Saturday morning, hospital staff say she was in a blue uniform just like the nurses there and even had a homemade badge. Staff say she also addressed herself as a Rockcastle Regional nurse.

"She was not having direct access to our patients or performing medical procedures or anything like that," says Estes.

Staff say they are taking this incident very seriously and that they will now reevaluate security measures for the Rockcastle Regional staff.

"No one was harmed. She did not provide any medical care. And we will use this as a learning experience and continuing to look at security measures. We will just continue to review internally. And see unfortunately that things like this will never happen again," says Estes.

Samantha Key has bonded out of the Rockcastle County Detention Center. Court documents show that Key had a warrant out for her arrest in Jefferson County for a theft case.

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