Huge hole in house remains weeks after car crashes into it

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RICHMOND, Ky. (WKYT) - A Madison County couple is still living with a huge hole on the side of their home six weeks after a car crashed into their living room.

The couple tells WKYT that they're frustrated and worried about what other damages their Richmond home could sustain if it's not repaired soon.

Sylvia Porter has been counting the days since one particular problem came crashing in.

“On June 21st, a young man driving a truck down Clay Lane slammed into another car, totaling it. After that, the truck drove up into our front yard and slammed into the side of our home,” said Sylvia Porter, who was in the back bedroom when she heard the truck crash into her house.

Police say the F-150 truck was going at least 15 miles over the speed limit at the time of the crash but, for unknown reasons, the driver was not cited.

“I just kept screaming ‘oh my gosh there's a truck in our house!’” Porter exclaimed.

A month and a half after the accident and the eight foot by four foot hole still remains in the side of their living room wall with only a tarp and a particle board covering the opening.

“It’s very stressful to live with your home torn up like this. This coming Saturday will be seven weeks and we still have a hole in the side of our house.”

The reason for the delay is an ongoing dispute with their insurance company regarding proposed estimates and a timeline for the project.
We reached out to the State Farm adjustor responsible for fixing the Porters’ home but he said he wouldn't be able to comment on this case until Wednesday after he speaks with customer relations.

The Porters are now praying that the contractors come through by the end of August because in situations like this time is of the essence.
“They are not here, the hole is still here, and they haven't even started. I want somebody out here! Now!”

The repairs needed to fix the Porters' home are expected to cost around $30,000.

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