Human remains found in burned car

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BREATHITT COUNTY, Ky - Police continue to investigate a burned car found Saturday, October 7th off of highway 1098.

The Breathitt County Sheriff's Office answered a call of a burned car in the Southfork Creek area.

“It is a popular recreational area for ATVs and stuff like that. It's also my understanding that elk season opened recently which also increased traffic quite a bit,” said State Trooper Brandon Eversole.

The Breathitt County Coroner said the burned remains of two people were found inside the car.

The car was traced back to Michigan woman Sheryl Lessor.

Hunters in the area say they saw a car matching the burned vehicle's description earlier that day.

“They just happened to be leaving at the right time and saw the vehicle as to my understanding so they're giving statements right now,” said hunter Sean Howard.

The car was taken to the Frankfort for further examination.

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