Humane Society needs help after rescuing animals

FRANKFORT, Ky. (WKYT) - Animal control officers are scrambling to find foster homes Friday after picking up more than 20 dogs in a hoarding case.

Frankfort animal control found the animals in a home on Main Street.

Animal control officers took about 34 animals out of a home Friday on Main Street, many of them are small dogs.

Frankfort police are calling this a case of cruelty to animals.

They obtained the search warrant to get into the home early on Friday.

Meanwhile, officers have to keep all the animals at the shelter, and it's caused some overcrowding. They say they are desperate for people to come foster or adopt remaining cats and dogs.

The Franklin County Humane Society says, "We're getting ready to take them in. We'll vaccinate everybody and de-worm everybody. We've got a line of people waiting to give baths just to get some of that urine scalding off of the skin. We're gonna get them settled down and fed."

Officers say the dogs were living in deplorable conditions, many had feces in their fur and looked malnourished.

If people can adopt or foster pets right now, shelter leaders are asking for monetary donations instead. They'll even take pet food, cleaning supplies and bedding.

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