Humane society donations stolen from restaurant

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LAWRENCEBURG, Ky. (WKYT) - For months, customers at Talk of the Town have come in to enjoy a quick bite And give some money for a good cause. This isn't the first fundraiser the owners have done for the Anderson Humane Society. Owner Adam Shrout says they raised $1,500 just a few months ago. Since they began this edition of the dollar wall, they'd accumulated about $100. Donors wrote the names of their pets on each bill and restaurant workers hung them on the wall, until last Thursday.

"It's pathetic. There's nothing more sad that someone robbing from a donation," said Shrout.

Someone smashed through a window and grabbed all the money meant for the humane society. They also took the restaurant's first two dollars.

"There's animals out in our shelter that are suffering because they can't afford simple things such a food, dog collars, flea baths, etc," said Shrout.

Police say they've been to most of the stores around town, warning cashiers to be on the lookout for any bills with pet names on them. Since the theft, customers have started filling the wall back up, again writing their pets' names on the bills, sometimes replacing the dollar they already gave. They're also writing messages to the thief.

"Turn yourself in. Apologize. Give the money back where it's needed," said Shrout.

Shrout said he was looking into installing a more elaborate security system.

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