Hundreds gather in Frankfort for Guns Across America rally

On Saturday hundreds of people from across the bluegrass took part in a rally in support of the second amendment.

The rally, called Guns Across America, was held at the State Capitol in Frankfort. Many of the supporters were carrying signs, just as many carried guns.

"Our rights are being challenged and make no mistake, we're in a war of ideas," said David Adams, who spoke to the crowd.

Gun Appreciation Day was the creation of Washington D.C.-based group Political Media, but local activists have been responsible for the rallies at capitols across the nation.

One popular talking point among the speakers was the idea that new gun regulations could be expanded and that that expansion won't stop.

"Throw a frog in boiling water and he'll jump out. Put him in a pan of cold water turn, the heat on, he won't notice. That's the fear, is that the gradual erosion of our rights and privileges will lead to a large amount of them that we won't notice," said Bryan Meyers who drove to the rally from Elizabethtown.

"We got to be prepared because they are prepared, don't think they're not. They're after our weapons," said rally organizer Jim Franklin.

Franklin made no effort to hide his feelings about supporters of tougher gun laws, targeting President Barack Obama and senators who support him.

"Diane Feinstein!" Franklin exclaimed to a chorus of boos.

Those who came out say the weapons many supporters were carrying are a clear indication of the freedoms that Kentucky allows.

"We are lucky in this state that our laws do allow that, there are other states that aren't so lucky and those people don't have the rights and privileges we do," Meyer said.

Democratic lawmakers say they plan to introduce President Obama's updated gun control bill to the senate next week.

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