Hundreds gather to remember Johnson County teen

PAINTSVILLE, Ky. (WYMT)- Hundreds gathered today to say goodbye to a Johnson County teenager who was killed while riding his motorcycle Friday Night. The driver of the other vehicle, Myra Castle, has been charged with DUI.

Friends and family gathered outside Boones camp Freewill Baptist Church to remember C.J. Mollett. Dozens of Pick-up’s, four wheelers and bikes filled the parking lot as inside hundreds dressed in camouflage mourned the loss of the teenager.

Mollett was only 18 years old when he died, but in that short time he touched many. Among those paying their respects was his grandmother Brenda Mollett. She said the crowd in attendance, “shows you what kind of boy he was. C.J. was loved by everybody.”

A friend of Molletts, P.J. Meek said, he was a country boy who wore boots 24-7, hunted and rode dirt bikes. His friends wanted to make sure this country boy had a proper goodbye.

Friends escorted Mollett to the cemetery on their bikes and 4-wheelers while Mollett's father rode in the back of a pick-up truck with the casket for one last ride with his son.

Brenda Mollett said, "It means so much to us gives us a little bit of peace which is hard to find in this situation but it gives a little joy that all of these kids love C.J. and come out for this.”

Mollett hopes her grandson’s death will encourage people to consider the risks before drinking and driving. Myra Castle will be back in court on September 4th.

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