Hundreds honor Casey County teen killed by crash

CASEY COUNTY, Ky. (WKYT) - Hundreds are honoring a Casey County teen with one last ride. Austin Mincey was killed two weekends ago at a motocross event in Indiana.

"The world would probably be a lot better place with kids like him," David Stapel said at the service about his friend at Casey County High School Monday.

The impact of Mincey's young life was felt at the memorial service Monday by those that filled the gym.

"He's an awesome kid. He was definitely the biggest 14-year-old kid I've ever met in my life," Stapel continued.

Mincey's life goal was to become a professional motocross racer. He was training in Indiana to get that goal, taking his high school classes online. But, last weekend, he crashed his bike. Stapel was at the track when it happened.

"He rode awesome. He rode fast. He rode smart. It was just a freak accident that you can't do anything about," Stapel said about his friend's talents.

Those that weren't there rushed to see him.

"I just knew we automatically had to go up there and see him in the hospital. It was wild," says Cole Dysinger, another friend of Mincey's.

Mincey died on June 3, and was laid to rest Monday, but not without an escort from the motocross community.

"That's what he would have wanted. He would have loved it," Dysinger commented about Monday's event.

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