Hundreds of jobs leaving Williamsburg

WILLIAMSBURG, Ky. (WKYT) - A government contract coming to an end means the loss of more than 250 jobs..and the question of how many of those people will earn their livelihood.

The loss of jobs come in the wake of U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services ending its Record Digitization Services contract as of October 31rst, according to a statement issued by CSC. Local officials say they’re doing all they can, though, to turn this around.

“We still have some hopes. I’ve contacted Congressman Rogers office, Senator McConnell, Rep. Bunch is on her way to Frankfort to talk to the Governor,” said Williamsburg Mayor Roddy Harrison.

Yet the company losing its bid means the employees will likely have to start finding a new place to work. It’s bad news for them, their families, and nearby businesses. Fast Track BP is s common stop for many CSC workers.

“They all come over here and get something to eat and drink and basically at night, all of our business is everyone from CSC,” said Katy Keith, who works at Fast Track BP, which is right across the street from CSC.

250 jobs is a lot, but it’s especially a lot for a town the size of Williamsburg.

“That would be like in one day, Lexington losing 15,000 jobs,” said Mayor Harrison.

CSC did issue a statement that says: “All impacted employees will be supported professionally, compassionately and with assistance in their transition within CSC or from CSC."

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