Hundreds still without power in Rowan, Elliott Counties

ROWAN COUNTY, Ky. (WKYT) - Many counties are still struggling to fix problems ice has caused. Utility companies are dealing with hundreds who lost power because of broken poles and lines.

Rowan and Elliott County are particularly bad. Grayson Rural Electric says that's where the majority of their broken power lines are. The icy conditions broke 33 of Grayson Rural Electric's major electric poles. They currently have more than 1500 families without power.

One family was without power for three days.

"I've got a propane gas stove. It don't have to be ventilated, nothing like that. We use that to heat the house up and it does a good job. And then as far as cooking I've got a Coleman cooker we use camping. My wife cooks fried eggs, warms up pork chops and stuff like that on it," explained Rowan County resident Chris Duffy.

Grayson Rural Electric says they'll have crews working around the clock through the weekend to restore power.

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